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According to a commonly accepted categorization, Family Law - is the name given to a branch of the Law, applying to personal status issues such as: Kinship Relations, Parenting, Marriage and Divorce as well as rights and obligations arising from those personal statuses. 

The variety of topics handled by Family Law are wide and deal with topics such as: 

· Marriage and Marital Status as well as Marriage Parallel Institutions such as the "Publicly Known Couples". 

· Pre-Marital Matters - such as Breach of Promise of Marriage and Prenuptial Agreements. 

· Rights and obligations arising from marital status, issues that occur during the marriage such as: Child Support, Property Arrangements and the Prevention of Domestic Violence. 

. The end of the Marriage and its consequences such as: Divorce processing, Alimony, Custody, Child-Meeting Arrangements, Child Support and the Division of Common Property. Parenting and its results, including Custody, fatherhood Recognition, Adoption and Surrogacy. 

** Text is written refers to both genders

*** The above explanations totally or partially must not be considered as the text of the law. 

**** The above does not constitute or substitute legal advice, in any case it is recommended to consult a lawyer specializing in family law in order to obtain advice about your rights according to the law.

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